Commercial Laundry Software to Optimize Your Operations

Over 400 commercial laundries around the world use Spindle to gain actionable insights into how their plant is performing in real-time. Improve employee productivity, maximize equipment utilization, monitor utilities, and manage your maintenance program - all in one place.


Overcome the current labor shortage

Rising labor costs and a shrinking labor pool put extra emphasis on the need to improve operational performance in order to stay competitive. Spindle provides your team with the tools to get more out of every process within your plant. 

Find the Solution That's Right for You

Spindle offers a powerful platform to capture the data that already exists in your plant. Start using our laundry management software today to unlock the potential of your plant.
Spindle Live Productivity Software


Gain access to real-time data in your plant to help increase capacity and eliminate overtime with Workforce. 

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Spindle Pro Software

Equipment Utilization

Identify bottlenecks and ultimately make more informed capex decisions in your plant.

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Monitor Tasks

Maintenance Management

CMMS software to limit downtime & extend the longevity of your equipment

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Spindle Water and Energy Software

Water & Energy

Understand trends regarding your energy usage to find saving opportunities throughout your plant.

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Requirements & Staffing

Accurately allocate personnel & track production requirements to meet daily demands

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Spindle rail icon

Rail Insights

Rail integrates with manual rail systems to provide instant insight into product availability.

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As Trends Change, So Must Our Work

At Spindle, we know great managers deliver great results. That's why we empower managers with the right tools to help lead their teams more effectively.







Average Spindle results after 1 year of installation

Make More Informed Business Decisions

Spindle captures the productivity data on every process within your facility to provide you with a holistic view of your plant. You can view real-time performance by department, classification, equipment, or employee. 

All the data collected is connected to the cloud, meaning you can access and analyze your plant's data from anywhere. Welcome to the "Internet of Things"!

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laundry management system software
commercial laundry software

Easily Win With Data

No need to wait on end-of-day reports or rely on already outdated whiteboards. Spindle automatically collects data from around your plant and displays the real-time analysis of your operation in dashboards designed to make your numbers easy to understand.

How Century Linen & Uniform Partnered With Spindle and Automated 50 Hours of Work a Week >

Better Visibility Into Your Daily Operations

 We're constantly improving our platform with new features delivered every month. Working with Spindle means you gain access to the latest technological trends.
Reporting such as machine uptime

Advanced Reporting

Use advanced reports to find areas around your plant that have the most opportunity for growth.

OEE Performance in real-time

Equipment Analysis

Track equipment downtime, maintenance activities, and dive deeper into the top equipment failures to help improve overall equipment availability.

Automatically Calculate Water Usage from Meters

Water and Energy Analysis

Understand energy usage to lower operating costs and improve equipment performance.

Monitor Tasks

Requirements Planning

Quickly identify production shortages, overages, or delays and accurately reallocate resources where needed.

Real Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified immediately when something goes wrong. Quickly move resources around to continue production while maintenance resolves the issue.

Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

Our decades of industry experience allow us to quickly find inefficiencies around your plant and help you improve your operations bottom line.

So, How Does Spindle Work?

Industrial Internet of Things

Our team pulls together islands of information from around your laundry and communicates it to the cloud in real-time.

Real-Time Employee Feedback
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Your employees receive instant feedback on their performance as they work throughout the day.

commercial laundry software
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Management analyzes performance by department, classification, equipment, or employee and uncover areas of opportunity.

"The ongoing monitoring by Spindle and regular feedback with actionable information is what sets them apart."

Jim Buik

Owner, Roscoe

Your Plant in Your Pocket

You no longer need to be near a computer to experience the power of Spindle. Visualize your plant performance, view recommended actions, log coaching moments, and much more directly from your phone.

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