Spindle Rail 

Real-time visibility into your manual rail system without draining your budget 

Spindle Rail integrates with manual rail systems to provide commercial laundries with instant insight into product availability


Commercial laundry rail software
automated rail

Empower Your Team with Real-Time Data Insights

Stay ahead with access to real-time data. Spindle Rail provides operators and plant management with immediate insights, enabling quick, informed decisions to optimize rail operations and enhance overall productivity.

Automate Load Management for Precision and Efficiency

Seamlessly manage load weights with automated precision. Spindle Rail integrates advanced automation into your existing manual rail systems, ensuring accurate load handling, reducing errors, and improving operational efficiency.

laundry rail software
Laundry rail

Optimize Wash Processes and Workforce Scheduling

Achieve peak efficiency with optimized wash process sequencing. Spindle Rail enables you to plan and execute wash cycles effectively, maximizing plant efficiency and ensuring optimal scheduling of operators on the finishing floor for streamlined operations.

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