Maintenance Management Software to Limit Downtime & Extend the Longevity of Your Equipment

Our CMMS software helps you monitor all maintenance tasks for your maintenance team in real-time.

  • Schedule & Track Preventive Maintenance
  • Work Order Management
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
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Why is a Preventive Maintenance Program Important?

All machines eventually break down unless properly maintained. That's why the best-in-class manufacturing facilities have a robust preventive maintenance program.  

Not only does a proper maintenance program limit unexpected down time, but it also extends the longevity of your equipment. 

How to get more out of your maintenance program >

Why preventiv maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Tracker

All Your Maintenance Tasks in One Place.

No need to track maintenance tasks in excel spreadsheets or on paper. All of your maintenance tasks now live in one place.

Easily create work orders, schedule, and assign tasks to your maintenance workers from anywhere. 

Visualize the Status of Each Task with the Maintenance Calendar 

Visualize the status of how your maintenance team has performed in the past and what lies ahead in the coming weeks.

Jump to any work order directly from the calendar view.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Software
Work Order Requests

Create Work Order Requests in Minutes

Quickly identify and create potential repairs that can be approved by management level personnel.

Set priority levels, cost, labor hours, and schedule work orders after approval. 

Track Actual Labor Time vs Scheduled Labor Time

You can't improve what you don't measure. By comparing the actual time vs expected time to complete tasks, your organization can identify work order effectiveness. 

Maintenance Time Tracking
Asset Maintenance History

Review the Entire History of Maintenance on Any Asset

View maintenance history on any asset and drill down into each individual work order to get a complete understanding of your maintenance history.

Parts Inventory Management

Quickly understand the status of critical spare parts inventory, identify preferred vendors to purchase from, and manage stock levels to ensure you are only purchasing what you need.

For companies that have multiple locations, identify parts you need that are stored at another location within your organization

Parts Inventory

More Powerful Maintenance Features 

Maintenance reporting

Run Customized Reports  

Run customized reports on nearly anything you like - filter by equipment type, department, employee or status, just to name a few.

Track Maintenance Analysis

Programmable Preventive Maintenance Library

If you manage more than one location you can add, edit, and delete PM tasks that instantly get applied to all locations. Saving you time. Lots of time.

Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance Instructions

Add step by step instructions that require signoff to ensure a step is never forgotten - no matter how small.

Powerful Analytics

Real Time Analytics

Real-time displays of PM's scheduled and being worked on, assignment, and missed.

maintenance app

Accessible from anywhere

You don't have to be in the plant to access your maintenance program. View the status of your maintenance program from anywhere.

Print Work Orders

Print Work Orders

Have a team member that would rather use paper? Fine. Easily print any work order with the click of a button.

"If your looking for a CMMS solution, in my opinion Spindle has the best software available. We started using their CMMS program a few months ago and the tracking and information is top notch."

Frank Gagne

 VP of Operations, Crown Linen Service

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