Requirements & Staffing 

Accurately Allocate Personnel to Meet Daily Demands

Track your production requirements as your labor and equipment complete their planned work for the day.

  • Identify production shortages, overages, or delays in real-time.
  • Track by department or classification
  • Real-time displays on the plant floor
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Requirements planning

Manage everything
in one place

Stop using excel spreadsheets to calculate how many people you need in order to process the amount of work to complete for the day.

Planning & tracking your day has never been easier. 

commercial laundry planning
Commercial laundry staffing

Prioritize production on what you need today

Automatically get recommendations for the amount of staffing needed based on information you upload or historical trends.

Visualize where each department stands as the day progresses toward completion 

Real-time countdown of the day's requirements by department or even drill down by classification to give you instant insight into how your work is progressing for the day.


track department progress
Commercial laundry staffing

Alerts when production continues after the requirements are met

Quickly identify when your team is still processing classifications that are already meeting the days requirements. Move the team around to fulfill a classification that is falling behind.

On the left you can see there is still an employee logged into "HF - Hand Towels" even though the pieces required for the day are completed. In this example, you can move them to "PR - Empaquetar", since the day is halfway over and this is only 37% complete!

Make adjustments on the fly 

Have your requirements changed mid-day for what needs to be completed? Make your adjustments during the day and the dashboards will automatically update to reflect your new requirements.

Edit commercial laundry orders
commercial laundry software completed work status

Display on the plant floor so everyone can visualize how the team is doing

Build team alignment and purpose by allowing everyone to view how the team is progressing for the day with real-time web displays throughout the plant.

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