Turn Your Team From Reactive to Proactive.

Workforce will help:

  • Improve Employee Engagement
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Save Time Collecting & Inputting Data

SpindleLIVE Analytics

Focus on Your Biggest Opportunities Each Day

Supervisors know where there are opportunities to improve before even walking on the floor. The real-time information is actionable and easy to use. 

Quickly sort by 'Opportunity' and visualize the department in your plant that's costing you the most money.

Estimated Savings with Spindle >

Labor Productivity Tool Reveals Your Biggest Opportunities
Monitor Employee Productivity

Visualize Employee Productivity

Employees can view where they stand against their performance goals and receive immediate feedback based on objective and real-time data

We’ve found that productivity increases by 5-10% by simply adding a visual workplace. 

Save Time and Improve Data Integrity

Spindle automates the collection of data across your entire operation.

This not only saves you and your team time, but also reduces the exposure to human error. Ensuring the data you do receive and act on is accurate and objective.

How a commercial laundry automated 50 hours of work a week after partnering with Spindle >

Automated data collection improves data integrity
Industrial Operation Expert Analysis

Gain Access to Our Industry Leading Experts

We eat, sleep, and breathe lean manufacturing, which means our partnership doesn’t end once we install the equipment. After we on-board your staff, our industry experts will continue to coach your team on best practices and provide actionable insights into areas of your plant that are under performing.

Together, we'll have your plant running as efficiently as possible. 

Learn More About Our Customer Success Team.

Start Small and Scale Up

For organizations not ready to commit to a full rollout of Spindle, we have the solution just for you. Our IoT Kit comes with everything you need to install Spindle on any piece of equipment in your operation.

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Low cost entry point is simple due to iot offering

Get Started for a Fraction of the Price

We understand you have a lot of projects competing for funds. That's why we have an affordable introductory offer for you to see the power of Spindle.

Commercial Laundry Ironer

Start on One Piece of Equipment

You don't need to integrate your entire plant to see benefits with Spindle. Connect to a single piece of equipment or in a troubled area of your plant to see how Spindle can help.

Easy Implementation to See ROI quickly

Be Up and Running in 4 Weeks

Implementation is easy and hassle free. We've installed our product in over 400 plants and fine tuned our procedure in the process.

Additional Features

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

Break your operation's numbers down by department, classifications, employees, or equipment. You'll be able to uncover opportunity across your entire plant.

Monitor Tasks

Monitor Non-Standard Tasks

We don't just measure standard tasks, but non-standard tasks too. In other words, we track everything around your plant.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We're constantly improving our product. With our in house development team, we release an update remotely every two weeks.

"The PPOH improvement has exceeded our expectations, but more importantly our employees can feel what success feels like because of the real-time feedback and that is priceless.“ 

Vaughn Austin


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