Our Success Depends on Your Success

We've invested in the people and the resources whose sole focus everyday is to help you operate better. Our Customer Success Team is a partner you can lean on to help achieve your operational business objectives.

How Can Spindle's Customer Success Team Help?

We eat, sleep, and breathe laundry, which means our partnership doesn’t end once we install the equipment. After we on-board your staff, our Customer Success Team will continue to work with your team to identify areas of opportunity and unleash the full power Spindle.



In the first month, our experts work with you to understand your business goals and customize the experience to make sure your team is set for success with Spindle.

Customer Success Managers

A dedicated partner focused on helping you achieve your goals through coaching, support, and ongoing training.

Consulting Services

Our professional services are here to help. Our team will teach best practices and answer questions like, "what is the optimal speed to run my ironers?" and "how can we improve the flow of our washfloor?"
Meet a Few Members of Our Customer Success Team

We take great pride in the fact that our customers entrust us with their operations. Meet some of the people responsible for earning that trust.

Kristina Gingery V3 - Smaller


Customer Success Manager

Over a decade of industry experience has empowered Kristina with the knowledge of what drives the most efficient laundries. Her number one goal is ensuring you have everything you need in order to be successful.

Jessica Leigh Grey V2


Customer Success Manager

With over 6 years of experience at Spindle, Jessica has seen it all. She's helped hundreds of laundries transform their operations and embrace the digital transformation.

Matt Abel


Corporate Account Manager

What doesn't Matt do? Prior to joining Spindle, Matt was a United States Marine. Once he joined the team, he spent a couple years installing new customers before moving into his current role - making you happy. If your ever participating in a Spartan Race - keep an eye out for him - he's likely there.

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